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iBeLinkMiner is a professional cryptocurrency hardware R&D technology company. With strong technology and R&D strength, iBeLinkMiner stands out in the field of asic miners mining, and successfully produces stable integrated asic card miners with high performance and low power consumption. iBeLinkMiner has units that make miner R&D, cloud mining, miner hosting, mining pool, almost covers the entire cryptocurrency mining industry chain. Our vision is to perfect our products to meet the demands of the ever-growing mining industry and make mining simple.

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What Is Integrated iBelink Miner BM series ?

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Compared to normal asic miners

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Compared to CBK miners

Multiple Hashing Algorithms

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Much Higher ROI

Lower Deploying Cost!

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Top-level asic Card

Higher Hashrate & More Efficient

iBeLinkMiner  integrated miner is a professional altcoin mining device which supports multiple hashing CKB algorithms and other cryptocurrencies. It is assembled by high configuration Asic cards, customized and highly compatible case, professional rack and other optimized accessories for the highest mining efficiency.

With its perfect flexibility, a Asic integrated miner can be applied in multi-hashing algorithm mining, which provides a lot more options to mine cryptocurrencies which have seen surging fever and growing profits.

Top-level Asic Card

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